Selasa, 17 Julai 2007

Child Learn.... a?

If a child lives with ridicule,
he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with criticism,
he learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility,
he learns to fight.

If a child lives with shame,
he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance,
he learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement,
he learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise,
he learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness,
he learns justice.

If a child lives with security,
he learns to have faith.

If a child lives with approval,
he learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
he learns to find love in the world.

Ahad, 15 Julai 2007

Hidup Bersama (another version)

Hahhahahah.... aku duk belek2 youtube... jumpa video lama... lebih kurang 3 tahun lepas kot video ni... im sorry to all blogger ecspecially who cannot understand MALAY because i decide to not use english in this post...sambung2 ini dirakamkan di rumah flat semasa aku tinggal kat kuantan dulu... Klip ni dirakam menggunakan kamera digital je.... pinjam plak tu...kira secara spontan je rekod semua ni... sesiapa yang ada kelapangan masa tu... haaa layan aje la suara aku yang x bape best... heheh! suara tu dibuat2 tu... konon2 nak tiru orang2 zaman dolu!

Ditepi pantai yang indah
Ku duduk seorang diri

Teringat dikau diwaktu malam
Wajahmu selalu ku terbayang
Duhai sayang...

Aku meratap merayu
Pada dewi puspita hatiku
Ku tidak lupa akan janjiku
Diwaktu pertemuan kita dahulu
Hidup bersama...

Penyanyi asal : A. Ramlie
Penyanyi ciplak : Aku la.... Lan a.k.a Kudu ... / Dynasty...(nick aku dalam internet dolu2)
Pemain gitar : Taugeh (kawan baik)
Pensibuk : Anep
Lokasi : Flat Air Puteh Kuantan
Owner kamera : Juju (bekas awek taugeh)
Edited by : Taugeh


I've never seen you
Or touched your skin
I've never felt your lips
Or held you tight
But I know I love you

Not because of the way you look
Or because of that sexy voice
Not because of the things you say
But because of whom you are

When we meet I will kiss you
And hold you all night

I love everything about you
Because it's you

Dedicated to nobody....huhuhuhu...

Gavan "Polis Angkasa Gaban"

Uchuu Keiji Gavan , translated as Space Sheriff Gavan or "Polis Angkasa Gaban" in malay, is the first of the Metal Heroes series which aired on TV Asahi from 5 March 1982 through 20 January 1983. Hahahhahah i still remember the famous power that GAVAN used... "Laser Sabiiit" ...Really funny... "Wakasa-wakasa tenn nan da!" ..when i heard this part of this gavan theme song... i know... The time was 4.30 o'clock already... :) hahahha... Ok for those who want to know who are the original singer for these Tv series... watch the VC below... enjoy... come sing together! :p


I think most people in Asia know about this anime... I also one of the doraemon's fan when i was a child... hehhhehehe... do you know who are the original singer of the doraemon's theme song? watch the VC below... enjoy!

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio (the pen name of Hiroshi Fujimoto) which later became an anime series and Asian franchise. The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi. The series first appeared in December 1969, when it was published simultaneously in six different magazines. In total, 1,344 stories were created in the original series, which are published by Shogakukan under the Tentōmushi manga brand, extending to forty-five volumes. The volumes are collected in the Takaoka Central Library in Toyama, Japan, where Fujio was born.

Doraemon was awarded the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award in 1997. That's all folks!

Sabtu, 14 Julai 2007

The Greatest Wayang Kulit

Wayang kulit, shadow puppets are prevalent in Java and Bali, are without a doubt the best known of the Indonesian wayang. Kulit means skin and refers to the leather construction of the puppets that are carefully chiseled with very fine tools and supported with carefully shaped buffalo horn handles and control rods.

The stories are usually drawn from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata or the Serat Menak. The island of Lombok has developed its own style of Serat Menak called Wayang Sasak.

There is a family of characters in Javanese wayang called Punakawan; sometimes referred to as "clown-servants" because they usually are associated with the story's hero and also provide humorous and philosophical interludes. Semar is the father of Gareng (oldest son), Petruk, and Bagong (youngest son). These characters did not originate in the Hindu epics, but were added later, possibly to introduce mystical aspects of Islam into the Hindu-Javanese stories. They provide something akin to a political cabaret, dealing with gossip and contemporary affairs.

The puppets figures themselves vary from place to place. In Central Java the city of Surakarta (Solo) is most famous and is the most commonly imitated syle of puppets. Regional styles of shadow puppets can also be found in West Java, Banyumas, Cirebon, Semarang, and East Java. Bali produces more compact and naturalistic figures, and Lombok has figures representing real people. Often modern-world objects as bicycles, automobiles, airplanes and ships will be added for comic effect, but for the most part the traditional puppet designs have changed little in the last 300 years.

Historically, the performance consisted of shadows cast on a cotton screen cast an oil lamp. Today, the source of light in Java is most often a halogen electric light. Some modern forms of wayang such as Wayang Sandosa created in the Art Academy at Surakarta (STSI) has employed spotlights, colored lights and other innovations.

The handwork involved in making a wayang kulit figure that is suitable for a performance takes several weeks, with the artists working together in groups. They start from master models (typically on paper) which are traced out onto kulit (skin or parchment), providing the figures with an outline and with indications of any holes that will need to be cut (such as for the mouth or eyes). The figures are then smoothed, usually with a glass bottle, and primed. The structure is inspected and eventually the details are worked through. A further smoothing follows before individual painting, which is undertaken by yet another craftsman. Finally, the movable parts (upper arms, lower arms with hands and the associated sticks for manipulation) mounted on the body, which has a central staff by which it is held. A crew makes up to ten figures at a time, typically completing that number over the course of a week.

The painting of less expensive puppets is handled expediently with a spray technique, using templates, and with a different person handling each color. Less expensive puppets, often sold to children during performances, are sometimes made on cardboard instead of leather.

In Malaysia, the kelantanese are too similar with the "Wayang Kulit". They entertain the public using their own slank... The video below is the greatest wayang kulit I have watch in my life... The titled was "Buah Nangka"...Buah Nangka same la with jackfruit.... Hehhehehe... this "wayang kulit" story about SAID who really want to eat a buah nangka (jackfruit)... hehe... they are speaking kelantan slank... if you guys can understand every single word used in this "Wayang Kulit", u'll will laugh until the end of this show... Watch sequently starting from 1st until the last part... enjoy!

Paris Hilton in Jail Song

Another great silly song for Paris Hilton... Hahahahahahha... Layan..... Zas!!!!!!!!

Money money money!

If you already have Google Adsense account and have a website all set up that is ready to earn revenue, you are ready to take your website to the next level. If you know nothing more about Adsense then you must know that you must have traffic in order to create a revenue stream and have a high click through rate on your website. These are the number one principles that should be your guiding force when deciding not only what type of website to create but also how people will be attracted to that website.

One tool that you can use to generate revenue through Adsense or one of the other advertising revenue programs is to recruit members to your website. However, before you recruit members to your website, you should make sure that your website is actually one that the general public will want to be a member of. For example, if you have a website that is dedicated to a small little niche that only you know something about, then that is a very different approach that you should probably abandon. On the other hand, however, if you have created a website with a lot of interesting stuff and even included a message board, that is a website that is on the right track to gaining more members.

Creating a message board with many forum topics is the number one thing that those surfing around on the internet will be attracted to when they come to your website. Not only will they be able to communicate with other members on the forum but they will be able to have a good time while talking about the things that they love. When considering what forums to include on your message board should come directly from the topic that your website is about. Having a message board that is related to the information that you present on your website will give your members even more to talk about!

Another way to keep members interested in your website is to send them a newsletter on a daily or weekly basis. Sending a newsletter to their email box will not only remind them that they are part of your website but you can even include information about what is all going on inside the message forums on your website. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep the members that you currently have and a good way to find new members.

By creating and gaining new members for your website you will have higher traffic. Higher traffic, in the advertising revenue world of Adsense and the other programs, means that you will have a higher chance to get a higher click through rate from the people that visit your website on a daily basis. All of these goals can be achieved by having a large member base, and using the techniques described above will give you a good head start to create that special website for your members that you want to create!

Just look at my page and click the google ads around my site...we can change our life...

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