Isnin, 8 Disember 2008

Build your own GSM vehicle tracking device

Sorry for a long time disapeared from this blog's arena. Im quit bz with my f*****g work and business. Below are the some ideas for you guys to try... heheheh check it out! how to have the tracking device for your car?!

1) Buy a hotlink or digi prepaid sim card and insert it into your old
hand phone.
2) Activate the Friend Finder service as provided by Hotlink or Digi.
3) Hide the old hand phone in your car.
4) U got your self your very own GSM based tracking device
to track the whereabout of your car.
5) The location that u receive may not be as precise as the real GPS, but
at least this is the cheapest means to own vehicle tracking device.

How To Activate Friend Finder For Maxis

1) Buy a new Hotlink Starter or apply a supplimentary 012/017 line
2) Insert the new sim card in an old cellphone and type sms msg
<012xxxxxxx> send it to 32001.
Note A: 012xxxxxxx is your existing HP no.
Note B: WKL9999 is your car registration no.
3) Hide the old phone in your car.
4) To track your car, from your existing phone, type or
<012xxxxxxx> and send it to 32001.

To track your car, Just type “ Find 012xxxxxxx” and send it to
the shortcode provided by telco. U will then receive a reply msg from
For example:
Friend Finder: 012xxxxxxx is near Kg. Baru, KL, NATIONAL CANCER SOCIETY
2) Since Friend Finder service is based on the celco BTS location,
it will only give u the location of the BTS tower that communicating with
your mobile phone hidden in your car. So, again do not compare this idea
to that of real GPS stuff. Real GPS need $$$$...every month, whereas this
one only need RM0.15 + RM0.30 = RM0.45 per tracking.
3) Not only we can track our car when it is lost, we can also track
our car at any time when we park our car at a secluded area for a long
time to make sure that our car is still there.
4) I have hide a phone in my car and it works beautifully. I get
peace of mind whenever I leave my car at a car park for a long time cos I
can check my car whenever I feel like it. For example, if u park your car
at midvalley, then u will get a msg that your car is at
5) Now hotlink prepaid starter has reduced to RM10 per starter.

now we can have a RM20 vs RM2K-3K tracking system
oliginal immo
steering lock
break lock

now our RM70,000 car should be fitted with extra security now!!

it working with GSM and GPRS, which more to IBTS station
locations.. It can pinpoint to the vehicle to the nearest IBTS station as ..far as 100m

p/s: now everyone can fly... eh.... now everyone can have this type of security...

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